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  James Henderson and family.
From left to right: James, Archibald, Margaret, William, Elizabeth, Amelia, Mary, John.
All except son Archibald emigrated to New Zealand in the 1860s/1870s.
Missing: James, David, Isabella, Agnes


This site is dedicated to research into autosomal DNA matches to my (Lorna) family and any of the families of the kits I help with.
The DNA match research takes the form of pedigrees that are linked in some way, often yet to be found, via autosomal DNA tests (we mainly use FamilyFinder from FamilyTreeDNA, but most kits are also on MyHeritage and GEDmatch with selected cousins also on Ancestry and 23andme). The trees included are therefore either snapshot tree uploads from assorted researchers, or research on the pedigrees to find where a DNA match is from.
The data is prone to alter, may well not be in a polished state and most definitely needs verification before using elsewhere - one of the reasons for access being restricted to registered users who can prove a connection.

As it may also contain data on the living, registration is restricted to those who have demonstrated a fellow research interest in the surnames involved, or are DNA matches to those included, and are prepared to share their data with others (see the Terms and Conditions page).

Registered users may also upload their own gedcom, setting their own privacy rules for their own files (see import guidelines).

If you share your data here, your access privileges will increase!

Although data has been freely shared, please respect the privacy of the living when adding, or using, data on this site, and acknowledge your sources, both on any data added, and on any used.

There may also be work included on two One Name Studies (Fairbairn & Runciman) but both of those are (very very) gradually being transferred to a permanent home with the Guild of One Name Studies members web pages.

Snapshotted Surnames

feature 1 Fairbairn - the Fairbairn One Name Study, and the related DNA Project public pages.

feature 2 Runciman - the public pages for the Runciman One Name Study and Surname DNA Project.

feature 3 Other -my home page.
Those who know me, or have corresponded with me over the years, fully realise that genealogy is my passion, and genetic genealogy my obsession within that passion.
It even has a small link to some non-genealogy items.

feature 4 What's changed My research diary/blog.
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Contact Us

email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.