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Welcome to the home page for those sharing a segment of dna on chromosome 02 and trying to figure out which ancestor is responsible for that.


On the Henderson/Wight side of this match we don't yet know if the ancestor responsible is back up from Helen Sinton WIGHT born Maxton on the Scottish Borders or back up from William HENDERSON born Forth, Lanarkshire, with ancestry from Stirlingshire and Perthshire.
However, at least one in the group has ancestry from East Lothian/Midlothian that may prove of interest.

Colonial America accounts for several of the matches - but possibly with a bit of work at least some in the group will either have a known cousin at a strategic spot to narrow down which branch to explore further, at least between their trees even if they can't cross the pond.
But of increasing interest is a new match, reasonably strong, with Carnwath, Lanarkshire connections.


In order to help refine which ancestor(s) of our matches are responsible for the shared/inherited DNA it is very useful to have a range of tested descendants.
We would therefore particularly love to hear from descendants of any of the following who either have joined in the fun of autosomal dna testing, or who may be interested in doing so (see DNA Groups page for further information).
Links are to either WikiTree or FamilySearch, both collaborative one world trees where it is free to register and contribute.
With known descendants in the tested gene pool the matches become easier to assign to specific ancestral lines for further investigation of links between matches where the links are not known.

 Ancestral Couple   WikiTree Link   FamilySearch Link 
Potentially from Bill/Russell's Scottish Borders ancestors? Margaret RUNCIMAN, possibly from her Familton/Wilson forebear? Margaret
Walter BAILLIE and Alison WILSON in Ormiston (East Lothian) Alison Alison
Can we prove the SHELTON connection?   Sylvester SHELTON
How about a Carnwath (Lanarkshire) connection?
Surnames: Robertson, Campbell, Forrest, Lamb, Brown, Wilson,
  Some ancestors of Allan Campbell ROBERTSON

Chromosome Map

If registered for the site, you may find a chromosome map of the dna segments in the Histories link in the sidebar.
Some of the people mentioned are linked to their tree in DNAGeds tree
Do NOT believe such trees without verification as they are merely quick research into possible areas to explain dna matches.