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DNA Introduction

Those registered/logged in users with the appropriate access should see additional items both in the DNA side menu and below.

Others may care to explore the sites under the Lorna's tab in the top menu.
Or follow some of the links to the sites listed on Lorna's DNA Links page to learn more about DNA for genealogy.

DNA Access

The DNA data here has been shared by fellow test participants from FamilyTree DNA and at GEDMatch
As such, all involved have signed the Family Tree DNA release form which allows some of their data and their email address to be shared with their matches, or agreed to the conditions at GEDMatch.
Most DNA details here are for people in the FamilyFinder DNA project FFLornaHen, ie Lorna's relations, connections, and those helped with their DNA results.

All has been shared solely in the spirit of co-operation in finding our shared ancestors.
Please do not abuse this privilege.

The pedigrees included in the main name related part of the site are mostly direct pedigrees for the kits concerned, or those being investigated as an explanation for why a match exists.
As such they are shared as is, with no guarantee of their accuracy.
Some places will have been changed to fit in with a consistent place naming style, hopefully accurately.
Some data will have been added from investigations, often via FamilySearch with the addition of source data.

To request DNA access, which is additional to the data accessible by registration (also moderated, and restricted to those willing to share their data),