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Welcome to the home page for those sharing a segment of dna on chromosome 15 and trying to figure out which ancestor is responsible for that.
Your DNA Project needs you


Another segment involving my brickwall ancestors, James HENDERSON and Amelia MILLAR who married in Stirling in 1836.
The triangulated matches at this spot are a diverse bunch where, apart from the three descendants of James and Amelia, no common ancestor between any of the others in the group is yet obvious.

One tree is early American, where one branch of that is a BOHANNON family in Virginia by 1705 and probably much earlier, which family appears several times in Lorna's ancestry dna matches.
But as we only have the matching segment data from the one descendant who has uploaded to GEDMatch, and no detectable match to those listed on WikiTree as tested descendants, this is pure speculation as to the line involved at this stage.
Particularly as the same match on GEDMatch has a SPURLOCK family in Virginia by at least the 1730s also with this family appearing in several of Lorna's ancestry dna matches!
What's most intriguing about this latter however is the HARBOUR ancestry that trees show as leading back to Pembrokeshire in Wales.
Several of the HENDERSON/MILLAR test participants have matches with Welsh trees - so how did James HENDERSON or Amelia MILLAR's ancestors meet up with the ancestors of our Welsh matches?

Another has family lines in Tasmania by the 1830s, with lines from Warwickshire, Cornwall, Leicestershire ....

Another has Irish ancestry, including CRAIG from Co. Donegal.


In order to help refine which ancestor(s) of our matches are responsible for the shared/inherited DNA it is very useful to have a range of tested descendants.
We would therefore particularly love to hear from descendants of any of the following who either have joined in the fun of autosomal dna testing, or who may be interested in doing so (see DNA Groups page for further information).
Links are to either WikiTree or FamilySearch, both collaborative one world trees where it is free to register and contribute.
With known descendants in the tested gene pool the matches become easier to assign to specific ancestral lines for further investigation of links between matches where the links are not known.

 Ancestral Couple   WikiTree Link   FamilySearch Link 
Lorna's brickwall ancestors James and Amelia (MILLAR) HENDERSON marr. 1836 St Ninians, Stirlingshire James HENDERSON b. 1813 (Bridge of Allan, STI/PER) (Some) Descendants of James & Amelia
Several Ancestry matches, only one of whom is on GEDMatch and definitely in this group of matches, descend from a BOHANNON family in Virginia by at least 1705. Henry & Ann (BOOTEN) BOHANNON (Some) Descendants of Henry & Ann (BOOTEN) BOHANNON
Several Ancestry matches, and the same person above who descends from a BOHANNON family in Virginia by at least 1705, also descends from a SPURLOCK family in Virginia whose HARBOUR ancestors are shown as coming from Wales.
Take care with the links however, particularly the FamilySearch one as there seems to be rather a lot of contradictory "information" there.
John & Mary (HARBOUR) SPURLOCK (Some) Descendants of John & Mary (HARBOUR) SPURLOCK

Chromosome Map

If registered for the site, you may find a chromosome map of the dna segments in the Histories link in the sidebar.
Some of the people mentioned are linked to their tree in DNAGeds tree
Do NOT believe such trees without verification as they are merely quick research into possible areas to explain dna matches.

Google Group

The private Google Group - email or web - for those of us exploring this connection.