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Please register with your appropriate chromosome match group. It would be great to collaborate to find our common ancestor(s).


Welcome to the home page for those sharing a segment of dna on chromosome 17 and trying to figure out which ancestor is responsible for that.


Scottish Borders: the original suspected origin of the British side of the matching segments was "somewhere back up Helen Sinton WIGHT's ancestry".
Aug 2016 update: a new match to a known fourth cousin once removed confirms the Scottish Borders origins in my ancestry, and refines it to back up from Robert RICHARDSON or Margaret RUNCIAMAN, who married at Maxton, Roxburghshire in 1771.
Jan 2017 update: William MIDDLEMIS and Marjory WHYTE who married in 1801 at Duns(e), Berwickshire and lived Blackford Parish, Stirlingshire now discounted thanks to another tested participant. Replaced by James Scott HENDERSON.

Virginia: several matches triangulate on Robert SHORTRIDGE born abt 1789 & lived in Tazewell Co.
Although there are multiple connections between two parent/child pairs in the matches, another match appears to only match via one line, which narrows down the common ancestor to Robert.


In order to help refine which ancestor(s) of our matches are responsible for the shared/inherited DNA it is very useful to have a range of tested descendants.
We would therefore particularly love to hear from descendants of any of the following who either have joined in the fun of autosomal dna testing, or who may be interested in doing so (see DNA Groups page for further information).
Links are to either WikiTree or FamilySearch, both collaborative one world trees where it is free to register and contribute.
With known descendants in the tested gene pool the matches become easier to assign to specific ancestral lines for further investigation of links between matches where the links are not known.

 Ancestral Line   WikiTree Link   FamilySearch Link 
Lorna's Scottish Borders ancestry Helen Sinton WIGHT's ancestry Helen
Robert RICHARDSON & Margaret RUNCHAMAN marr. 1771 at Maxton, Roxburghshire, Scotland. Compact pedigree from their daughter Elizabeth Robert's descendants
Robert SHORTRIDGE of Tazewell Co., Virginia died 1859 Elkins Branch. Robert (needs more data and sources)  
Richard OLIVER & Jane BEATTIE/BATY marr. 1806 at Falstone, Northumberland, England Richard's descendants Richard
James Scott HENDERSON and Jessie SMITH who married in 1851 in Edinburgh - might lead back to SCOTT and LEGERWOOD on Borders? James James
Maxwells from Dumfries to New Zealand   James MAXWELL m. 1855 NSW